Casting Crowns Concert and Tobacco Festival Weekend

Whew, what a busy weekend! Friday morning started with me deciding that I needed a desk area in our bedroom. I went right to switching things around in there. I guess I wanted to feel more professional or something. I do need to get an office chair because this one isn't cutting it.

Then I made a reading corner in Evan's bedroom. He loves to read and does it almost all day some days.

Friday morning started out with rain and I didn't get my 5K training done. I decided to make myself go in the afternoon. It was brutal because of the humidity. I was rewarded with a great view on my way back up the driveway.

Friday night was mama's night out and I had so much fun! I went to a Casting Crowns, Sidewalk Prophets, and Mandisa concert at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. It was amazing! I have loved Casting Crowns for as long as they have been around. They are, by far, the best Christian band evah! I took a selfie. It's not everyday this homeschooling, stay-at-home mom gets a night on the town.
My friend Angie. Love her.
Saturday morning came early after the late night at the concert. We had our annual Tobacco Festival Parade and activities in the square in town on Saturday. Evan and I got up early and made it to the First Baptist Church pancake breakfast. After the breakfast, we headed outside to watch the Jesse James Gang reenactment of the robbery that happened in our town in 1868.

The James Gang coming down the street.

Every small town parade must have a tractor in it. I believe it's a requirement. 

A picture of our town square in full swing at lunch time. 

The weather wasn't the best on Saturday. By the time the parade was done, and we had eaten lunch, we were freezing. We decided to head on down the Saddle Factory Museum in town to check it out and warm up a bit. I have said before that Evan and I love history and we really enjoyed going here. I recommend that you go and check it out. This is a hat worn by Abraham Lincoln. 

With Russellville being on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee it was quite active in the Civil War and there is a lot of history in the area surrounding that time. 
A reward poster for Jesse James.

This is the coolest parts of the museum. This staircase, which you can tell, is very narrow. This is were the slaves and indentured servants slept at night. 

When they started the process to restore the Saddle Factory to its original design, they discovered that the slaves had written dates on the ceilings of the sleeping quarters. They would write down how many more days they had to work to earn their freedom. They are trying to find a way to remove the plaster on the walls and ceiling without destroying the writings. 
Here are some of the saddles and the tools used to make them.

The first floor of the museum is a shop that allows our local artist to sell their designs. I am all about supporting local anything. When Evan wanted this homemade monkey hat to warm his ears, I gladly obliged and purchased it for him. He's so handsome and such a great kid! 
We decided to stop and get a funnel cake before heading home. In the north we have elephant ears, which are delicious by the way. Down here they have funnel cakes. We waited 30 minutes for a funnel cake. Evan was tired so he sat down. We visited with quite a few people in line while waiting. I am always amazed with the friendliness down here. You literally can have quite a conversation with someone you just met. Me, being a people lover, absolutely loves this about the south.

 Sunday was church in the morning and church in the evening. I made this dessert for our men's and women's bible studies. We just finished the book of James and we are moving on to the book of Luke. Sundays are my favorite day of the week. My church is like my family down here. I don't know if they really know how much this Yankee girl loves every single one of them!

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