Making Applesauce

The weather has been something else around these parts lately with nonstop raining.  My motivation is lacking without the sunshine. Yesterday, I finally decided to put my big girl pants on and go pick up apples from my friend who has been offering them to me for weeks now. She has a couple trees in her yard and they are loaded with apples this year. I have never made applesauce before but it was on my list of things I wanted to put up for the winter so I decided it was now or never.  

Our wonderful friend let us borrow her apple peeler which made it so much easier! Evan really loved using it and he did most of the apples.

After you peel them, you put them on the stove with a little water to cook down. After they had cooked for about fifteen minutes and were soft, I put my immersion blender in and blended them to the consistency of applesauce. I then added sugar and lemon juice and ladled it into canning jars. I processed in canner for twenty minutes. Evan had some for breakfast and said it was really good. I have a friend who loves my applesauce and I bring her a jar every once in awhile. It's really an easy thing to put up for the winter if you can find apples for a reasonable price or for free. Plus it eliminate buying it for your kids at the store. You do not have to add extra sugar if you don't want to but we like ours on the sweet side.

We saved some seeds to put them in the freezer. We have already started apple trees from seed that are planted in our yard right now and doing well. We are hoping to be able to have some of these golden delicious apples growing on our farm too!

While this canning was taking place, Lucy was being super ambitious.

 Here is the finished product- eight quarts and eight pints. I just love canning and preserving my own food!


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