Homemade Counter Tops and More

Here are some pictures of the homemade countertops we installed in our home. Glen wanted wood countertops but I wasn't sold on the idea. Once again, I trusted him and they turned out so beautiful. He fit them together by cutting a slit on one side and a grove on the other, kind of like how wood flooring is put down. Then we sanded them until they were smooth and used Tung Oil for a finish because I researched and that was a nontoxic option to use for a surface that you would be placing food on. He trimmed around the edges with wood too.


Some of the cabinets we bought on Craigslist and some of them Glen built. He built the island and all the doors that go on the cabinets. We didn't care for the doors that came on them originally. We wanted more of a cabin style look to our cupboards.  
I love my countertops cleared off. I wish they could be like that all the time. I have clutter phobia.
Here are some more projects we completed around here.
Closet doors going in.

 Deck being built
Not sure about that Molly girl 




  1. I'm coming to stay for a getaway!!! Do you have a spare bedroom to rent out? Or, can I stay in the storm shelter?

    Looks great!

  2. Hi Jenn! I love how talented your man is! The cabinets are so pretty and I love the countertops! The deck looks like a wonderful place to enjoy! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  3. Felecia, he is amazing! I am so thankful for him and his ability to do these things. He saves us a ton of money by being a DIY-er

  4. I love wood countertops, I keep trying to convince my husband that it's something we can do, but he's not so convinced!

  5. I wasn't so sure about them, but I trusted my husband, and now I love them! I hope you can convince him.

  6. Thanks! We love them and they have held up really well so far.

  7. What thickness of plywood did you use for these? I keep meaning to ask you.