A Homemade Countertop Compost Container

I did a project yesterday that is super cute and super easy to do with just a few supplies. I made a countertop container to collect my kitchen scraps and I love it!


Empty large coffee container

Carbon filter sheet

Hot glue gun

Screw driver

Duck tape

Chalkboard tape

Chalkboard pen

1. Plug your hot glue gun in so it's ready to use.
2. Take your empty coffee container and punch 8-10 holes in the top with a screwdriver.
3. Lay your coffee container lid upside down and trace around the smaller part on your carbon filter sheet with a white colored pencil.
4. Cut out the part that you just traced and glue to underside of coffee container lid with hot glue gun. This is going to eliminate any smell from your container
5. Choose a duck tape pattern that you like and line the outside of coffee can vertically while overlapping strips to fit the coffee container.
6. Write "Compost" on your chalkboard tape with your chalkboard pen and attach to container.
This is a fun project that even a child can do and it would make a great Christmas gift for those who want to start collecting their compostable food scraps and don't want to buy an expensive countertop container. You can collect several used coffee containers from friends and family and the rest of the supplies listed above will make you several of these homemade countertop compost containers.
Let me know if you make one and put a picture of it on the Facebook page!


  1. So, do you empty this weekly into a larger compost? Or how does that go?

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  3. We empty every week or sooner as it fills. We have a bigger compost outside that we dump it in.