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Hey there and welcome to the Little House on the 100 Farm! My name is Jenn, my husband's name is Glen, and our son's name is Evan.

This a blog that covers all things I love in life. You will find lots about my family, faith, and farm on here. In 2011 we made a big decision and moved nine hours south of our family in Michigan and began calling Kentucky our home. We've been here almost five years now, and even though it was a rough start for me, I have grown to love it. We moved to a 100 acre farm in South Central Kentucky in 2012 after deciding our big, beautiful, 2600 sq ft house was not necessary and actually pretty excessive for a family of three. On the 100 acres we bought was a three-sided tractor shed we decided to convert into our home. Our home now is approximately 1100-1200 sq ft and considered small for today's standards. You can read all about that here.

We've gone through many changes in our lives over the past several years - including lowering our debt, job losses, cutting out television, and a secondary infertility diagnosis. All this is happening while simplifying and striving toward a more self-sufficient lifestyle. We love hunting for our meat, cast iron cookware, and baking from scratch. I love learning about my grandparents' generation and how they survived before becoming so reliant on outside resources. I believe that returning to our roots is what we need to focus our time and energy on in the coming years.

We are a hunting family. In fact, probably more than 50% of our lives revolve around deer season and hunting whitetail. My husband is a topnotch food plot planting expert and has turned our farm into quite the deer haven. We eat what we kill and we have a blast in the fall when hunting season comes. You will see lots of pictures of things that have to do with hunting on this blog and on our Facebook page.

I am also one of those crazy homeschooling moms who feels like God has called me into this mission of educating my child at home. My son has never attended school, and at this point, we have no intentions of sending him anytime soon. This was the first decision made as a couple that led us down a path of living differently than what the "world" would consider normal.

I became a Christian at twenty-three years of age and lived a life that was definitely NOT Christian before that. What this means is that I get it and I've been there. I've made bad choices and I have lived to regret them. Actually, I still do things I shouldn't do, so if you're if looking for a girl who makes a lot of mistakes, loves baking homemade bread, DIY projects, and making all different kinds of things from scratch, and appears to be a hot mess 99.9% of the time, you're in the right place.

I hope you enjoy this blog and stick around to learn beside me on this journey called life. Feel free to email me at danahomestead@gmail.com with any questions.

Happy Homesteading and Hunting,


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