Canning Pears

It's still raining as I sit here and type this morning. I am thinking I may need to start building an ark. I try not to complain too much about it because I just don't care for complainers.  I get to read enough whining and complaining from people on Facebook everyday. Do you ever wonder if they realize how much they whine and complain on there?

On to happier thoughts...

This is Evan's lunch from yesterday. As I was putting it together I realized that everything but the peanut butter is something I have made myself. I get some kind of sick satisfaction out of that. It's what I dreamed about when we moved to this farm. I wanted to learn the skills of our ancestors and have a big garden and do lots of canning.

This is a Peaches who was 'helping' us do school yesterday. School has been migrating to the couch lately. It's just easier to read when you are all snuggled under the covers with each other.
I worked up enough ambition to can pears yesterday. Let me tell you something, there is nothing messier than canning fruit. Man oh man, the syrup and the fruit itself is so sticky! Needless to say, my floor in my kitchen is in serious need of being cleaned.

That is one of the most beautiful sights to me. I was just telling Glen the other day about how fascinated I am with preserving our own food. All it took was some ambition and time. The pears and apples were free. All I had to do was go and pick them. There was a cost in canning lids and some electricity. I already had the sugar and jars. I know some people think it's a waste of time and why not just buy them from the store? Maybe it's psychological, but I swear it taste better homemade. The tomatoes from our garden that we canned are amazing. Plus, I know every single thing that went into my canned goods. There are no hard to pronounce ingredients in these!
My weight loss isn't going anywhere. I haven't been tracking either. I have, however, been sticking to my running. I am beginning to wonder if concentrating on improvement with my running while upping my distance and skipping the tracking is something I could handle. Like I said earlier, I am really good about tracking breakfast, and sometimes lunch, but after that it's all downhill. I wonder if I just focused on running and eating whole foods with more fruits and vegetables what would happen? Just a thought.