Little House's Freezer and Canning Inventory

Do you keep an inventory of your freezer and pantry? I decided today to do just that today. I am going to try and keep a list of all that we have available to make it easier to meal plan. I am not sure how many of you will find this interesting, but here ya go!


Venison Burger - 69 one pound packages

Venison Steak - 4 one pound packages

Venison Roast - 4 roast

Venison Back Loins - 2

Corn from our garden - 33 quart bags

Green Peppers - 9 half quart bags

Strawberries from our garden - 1.5 gallon bags full

Multicolored peppers - 2 half quart bags


Canned venison - 17 quarts

Canned Tomatoes - 43 quarts

Applesauce - 7 quarts, 6 pints

Apple Jelly - 4 jelly jars

Blackberry Jam - 3 pints, 3 jelly jars

Dill Pickles - 5 quarts, 3 pints

Pears - 9 quarts, 3 pints

Squash relish - 5 pints

Apple pie filling - 4 quarts

Green beans - 14 pints

Kidney beans - 10 pints

Pinto beans - 6 pints

Navy beans - 1 pint

Chicken broth - 4 quarts, 1 pint

Potatoes - 4 quarts

Spaghetti sauce - 16 quarts, 1 pint

Salsa - 6 quarts, 5 pints

Pizza Sauce - 7 pints

Bread and butter pickles - 3 quarts

Peach sauce - 3 quarts

Strawberry jam - 1 jelly jar

Peach jam - 1 pint

Ketchup - 9 quarts, 1 pint

This is not all the food we have in our freezer. We also have stuff like butter, leftovers, and frozen fruit we bought from the grocery store. I also have a pantry with pasta, flour, and etc. in it that I still need to inventory. What's on this list was put away from our farm or from a local farmer here in our town, except the pint of peach jam, which came from a friend, and the kidney, pinto, and navy beans that were dried beans bought from the store and canned here.

Living my dream right here on this farm!


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