Deer Camp 2015 and Trim Healthy Mama

I wanted to take a minute and update everyone on what's been going on around the homestead. I haven't blogged in awhile because we have had family in town. They left early this morning, which always makes us sad even after 4.5 years of living away from Michigan.

Hunting is great fun but it's even more fun when you get to spend it with friends and family. I'm pretty sure we may never have a year as good as this one again. We all managed to take pretty good bucks this year, and we all made really good shots with little tracking involved. Our freezer is now full to the brim with venison burger, steaks, roast, summer sausage and meat sticks.

My husband has already started making plans for spring food plots, calculating out our cost for them, and where to hang our stands next season. He never stops thinking about deer hunting. I am trying to talk him into either writing a post, or helping me write a post, on how he does food plots. My son and I help with the planting, but he is the mastermind behind it all.

This season we had a smoker and ventured into making our own summer sausage and meat sticks with some of our venison burger. They turned out fantastic, and we are very pleased with the results. We had to buy pork and grind it to add to the venison burger and we used our KitchenAid mixer with the meat grinder attachment. With the price of jerky, meat sticks, and summer sausage, this was an excellent investment and a great way to use up some venison.

In other news, I am giving Trim Healthy Mama another try. I really didn't put in great effort the last time I tried it, and the book was so overwhelming to me that I just gave up. I am that girl who hates shopping when there are too many choices or too much clutter. I feel the same when I read something. I just want the plan and the information on how to do it. I lost 23 pounds in the summer of 2014, and it felt so good to be in the overweight range and not considered obese anymore. I have slowly gained all that back, and I am so disappointed in myself. I am determined to get there again but in a more healthy way than the last time when I basically starved myself and over exercised. I plan to start the program fully on Monday and update you all on my progress. I have been enjoying the Good Girl Moonshine the past couple of days and it seems to keep me from reaching for a pop and gets my water in. Trim Healthy Mama has a store where you can purchase products from them, and they also have a membership program that you can pay for to help you in the weight loss process. It's more reasonably priced than Weight Watchers, but I am not going there yet until I see results from following it on my own.

I hate to even bring up my weight again. I have tried, and failed, so many times in the past, that I just figure everyone is sick of hearing about it. I have to do something though, and this plan, once you learn it, seems pretty reasonable. Plus, people are having such fantastic results on it from losing weight and balancing their hormones to great looking skin and lowered cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. I have nothing to lose but weight.

Homeschooling is about to resume here on the homestead, and I am taking a drastically different approach. I am incorporating more reading and Charlotte Mason style learning into our homeschool day. We are going to be doing more dictating, narrating, and note booking pages with less work sheets and formal lessons.

I also need to get back into my morning routine and get my blogging back on a normal schedule again. I recently added an email sign up link to my blog, so I can send out weekly newsletters to those who are interested. You can find that here.

Hope your deer season and fall are going well! Tell me how it's going in the comments and share this post for those who want to join in on this Trim Healthy Mama journey with me.


Disclosure: In order for me to help support my family with my blog, I may receive monetary compensation, or other forms of compensation from product reviews, links, endorsements, testimonials, or recommendations. I appreciate your love and support as I try to earn some extra income, so I can stay home and homeschool my son. Much love to you and yours, ~Jenn

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