How To Can Venison and How To Use It

Have you ever pressure canned venison?

We have been canning venison for quite a few years now. I believe it's worth your time to learn how to do it. We love to use it for vegetable soup, BBQ sandwiches, and venison and noodles. It makes the meat really tender. Basically, anything you would use pulled pork or shredded beef for, you can replace with canned venison.

Here is how you do it:

1. Well first you need a deer and deer meat.

2. Cut your deer meat up into cubes. We cut the neck, front shoulders, and hind quarters up into 1-2 inch cubes.

3. Stuff canning jars with raw meat and use a wooden spoon to help pack it down into jars. Use as much meat as you can stuff in there to make it full.

4. Put 2 tsp of canning salt in jars. Do not add water or liquid to your jars. Put canning lid and ring on after wiping rim of jar to make sure it's cleaned off. This assures that the lid will seal correctly.
5. Put 2-3 inches of water in your pressure canner. Set jars in pressure canner and put lid on on your canner. Make sure you have a really good seal on your pressure canner lid. Bring pressure up to 15 pounds of pressure. Once it's up to pressure and it starts hissing and ticking, you time it for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, let the pressure come down in your canner before removing jars. This can take up to an hour.
Please don't be afraid of a pressure canner. If used properly they are a really great tool for a homesteader to have in their kitchen.
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  1. It sounds so easy! I have got to try this! Thank you for posting.