Making Lemon Bars and Other Random Stuff

We managed to finish up the garage project last week. Now we want to build a porch, run a line for an outside hose, and put up some outside lights on the deck. We also need to finish the basement which Glen started painting yesterday. Things are moving right along and soon we will be completely done with our little house.

The weather is starting to warm up and I feel spring in the air which makes me think about gardening. Glen will start working up a patch of ground for us as soon as it dries up a bit. This will be our first year gardening in Kentucky.

Making Lemon Cream Cheese Bars from the KitchenAid cookbook.



My husband bought a banjo and he has been practicing every day

Glen painting stairwell down to basement 

Using power tools makes me feel tough as we are building shelves in the garage.

Wood box

Seriously...does it get much cuter than these two?

Hope you all are having a great week.


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