Building a Porch

There's something about spring that makes things go crazy around here. It could be that it's the time of year we get our tax returns and actually have extra money to do projects.

In the last month and a half, we have finished off our garage, redid our son's bedroom, painted our basement stairwell and built a porch in our garage.

I'm exhausted just talking about it.

Trying to keep up with all my other responsibilities has left me a bit stressed out. I'm a bit of a perfectionist with my home and it definitely has NOT been looking perfect lately. When you add homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, laundry, church activities and life in general, it makes for one busy mama.

Yesterday afternoon, we built a porch in our garage. Today I have to clean out the deep freeze that was on the other side of the garage and move it to the porch. I'm excited about this project because I want to have the extra freezer room for food storage. 

My husband is working up the garden area as I type this. I'm thinking about getting some seeds started indoors so Evan and I can have a project to do...because we need more projects, right?!

I'm really excited about spring, warmer weather, and gardening.

Here are some pictures of our recent projects:

Don't try this at home folks.

The porch.

Evan riding his four-wheeler
Glen working up the garden.

Are you getting your garden areas ready?


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss!

    We started our seeds inside this year for the first time. It's really exciting to watch them grow!

    I want chicken SOOOO badly, but my husband is a city boy and so far he is firmly against them. I've been taking my youngest to Tractor Supply just to visit the baby chicks.

    1. Stephanie,

      Thank you!

      We go to TSC too just to look at the chicks too. My boy is obsessed with the baby ducks. He wants some so bad. I think a chicken coop is probably in our future. I hope your husband changes his mind!

  2. LOVE seeing your pictures.................our hearts are in the country while we are still in the city....... We call our city plot our "homestead wannabe". It is amazing what all we have incorporated into this place.....maybe someday we will actually be in the country. :)

    1. gentlejoy,

      Do what you can where you are! Keep dreaming!

  3. Love reading about others on their journey in homesteading/farming... we are hoping to own land someday!

    1. Clarissa

      We just bought our 100 acres one and a half years ago. We still have tons we want to do here. It is so worth it!