A Kid's Dream Bedroom

My husband and I can be rather impulsive at times. It seems like we will be talking about something one minute and diving in headfirst the next minute. That's exactly what happened with our latest project. We went from talking about it to being done with it in a week's time.

Evan's bedroom has been a source of tension between me and him for awhile. I had three dressers in his room trying to hold all of his crafty stuff , collections, and hoarding possessions.

It just wasn't working.

My husband and I brainstormed and came up with the perfect solution. We just received our tax return money for the year so we had some extra money to spend on this project.

Here it is in pictures:

I often remind Evan how lucky he is to have such a cool room (and cool parents.) I love that I'm married to a guy who has such great carpentry skills. I can't wait to see what project we come up with next!. 


  1. Love it!! And I'll bet Evan is really loving it:)

  2. Y'all really are cool parents. :) My kids would love a bedroom like that.