Cutting and Hauling Wood

One of the things we did to save money on our home expenses was to install a woodstove in our garage. I love our woodstove!

I actually enjoy cutting wood in the winter. I like getting outside and being physical during the months that keep you indoors more than out. I love the smell of the chainsaw and the wood being cut. I also love having a big stack of wood in the garage. After the price of propane skyrocketing this year, I am glad we don't use gas. Woodcutting is messy and I have to clean the laundry room after every wood cutting adventure, but I love the smell of that smoke coming out of the chimney.

Here are some pictures of us cutting and hauling wood.



  Some tree falling action
 Evan's giving me 'the look' for taking pictures while I am supposed to be helping load the wood. Please ignore the knitted hat. It was my first one and it leaves a lot to be desired. He is a sentimental boy and wears it anyway so he doesn't hurt his mama's feelings.

 He may be starting to look more like his daddy than me!





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