Building Walls and Insulating the Garage

This week was a busy week for us. My son and I had dentist appointments on Monday and we were up at 5:00 a.m. to take dad to work so we could have the car. This is would be one of the cons about being a one-vehicle family but it's still cheaper than a car payment!

We had piano practice Tuesday night this week instead of our usual Monday night. Wednesday nights are usually spent at a friend's house for the evening, and on Thursdays we have Upwards Basketball practice for the little guy, and his games are on Saturdays.

In between all of this, we decided to work on the garage this weekend. We did not completely finish the garage side of the house when we built it in summer of 2012. This winter, with all the cold weather we've had, we decided that we needed to get it insulated ASAP. We most likely won't have another cold snap like this for twenty years, but it's just one of those things that needed to be done.

Glen had the wood delivered Friday during the day and we started in on it when he got home that afternoon.

Here we are studding the walls

Little Helper 
He's always chewing me out about something! 
Insulation going up
The last time I put a mask on like this, my husband cut his head open. We had no injuries this time, thank goodness. 
He's watching mom and dad hang OSB board 
All done with that wall! I am sore and we're very tired, but we did it in a day and a half with a basketball game in the middle of it. Now let the sorting and organizing begin. 
We had a good, productive weekend. We still need to finish the front wall and the side wall. We were very happy to get this much done. We will have to wait until time and money allow for the rest.
We're supposed to have above average temperatures this week which makes me a happy girl. I am thinking about getting some seeds for my garden started inside. It will give me and Evan something to do until the weather breaks for good. I'm not sure how a garden will do out here with no fencing for protection from the wild animals, but we are going to give it a shot. I will just support the local farmer's market if it's a failure.
Have a great week!

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