What's up with this weather? Saturday is was 65 degrees, Tuesday was an ice storm that turned into flash flood warnings, and last night it was snowing.

Since the weather is not cooperating for very many outside activities right now, and since we do not have a vehicle during the daytime hours anymore, my little guy and I have taken up some crafting projects. Even Glen is getting into it.

I love this man. He doesn't care that people will laugh at him. I think he's wonderful and he's all mine!

This is the hat I made. It's too small for an adult but it may fit a baby. I'm going to try another one as soon as I get more yarn.
 Peaches trying out her hat that Evan made. 
 I made French bread for the first time this week and I thought it turned out pretty good.

The new library in town opened on Monday and we went with another homeschool family to check it out. It is awesome! I am a big fan of the library. You can't beat free and you can't beat having someone else store your books for you. I checked out a book on quilting and I think that may be my next project.


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