Deep Thoughts

There hasn't been too much going on around here lately. We had a real cold streak last week that ended up busting one of our pipes at the kitchen sink. Thank goodness I married a handyman who had it fixed the same day.

We spent New Years Eve with some friends and I baked some more homemade bread and an apple pie. I am still in love my KitchenAid mixer. Unfortunately, we did not get a deer this year to try out the grinder attachment. Hopefully next year we can put it to use.

School has been going well with my little guy. It's funny how only having one vehicle and being forced to stay home actually makes it easier to get your responsibilities done. He is doing a mixture of 3rd and 4th grade curriculum this year. We are reading missionary biographies and we absolutely love them. They are so inspirational. We are reading about George Muller right now. He opened the first orphanage in Bristol and relied only on God to provide what was needed for it, and God did provide.

God has been working in my heart a lot lately. All the changes that have happened in the last year have really allowed me to grow. Although I have to say, at first, it made me feel farther away from Him. I am so painfully aware of how short life is right now and how you can, and will, lose people you love at any given moment. We get so caught up in our daily lives of bills and material things that we forget this.

I don't want to forget.

I want to remember so I can love people like they need to be loved. I feel an urge to shout to everyone that they need to trust in Jesus. It's the only way to have peace during this hard life. Life with loved ones does not have to end here on earth if we choose to believe God's word and follow it.

Some photos for you:

We actually got a bit of snow but it didn't last for a day. Oh well, Christmas is over now and I'm ready for spring!!


  1. Hi Jenn! That bread looks so delicious! Isn't the mixer great? I know what you mean about not going anywhere! The one day I go out, nothing at homes seems to get done! I love staying home and staying on top of things! We too, are a three person family, but it amazes me how much laundry I do each week! I wished I had started this lifestyle of cooking bread and other things when my son was younger. He doesn't like homemade bread! So spoiled!
    Jenn, I pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort you when you are feeling sad about your loss. I haven't lost my Mom, but I can imagine it is a very painful experience! And it's also painful knowing you have family members and friends who refuse to trust Jesus! I try to share Him with them, but they don't respond. I believe they will one day; I have to believe that! Thanks for sharing your heart! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Thank you Felecia! I am becoming more of a homebody as I get older. I am really a social person, but at times that has hurt me and not helped me to get my responsibilities done. I do love, love, love my homemade bread, and my boys love it too. Thank you for the prayers! I really appreciate that.