Frozen Pipes and Crafting

I swear there's never a dull moment around here.

Like when the cat decides to get stuck in the garage rafters this week.

Or when the pipes froze for the 4th time this winter.

And sometimes the one and only vehicle you have decides to breakdown. Which in turns drains all your savings....again. I feel like we are living in the movie UP and every time the jar gets full we have to bust it open and fix something or take an emergency trip to MI. Such is life, I guess.
The little guy and I have been on a crafting kick lately. He is learning to sew and I am working on my knitting. I am on my second washcloth now. It's really quite easy to make washcloths. He has been sewing pin cushions and stuffed animals. We also made a blanket with some fleece material.
 We are having fun at school. Okay, that was a lie....we are kinda sorta having fun. Math is not his or my favorite. Here he is rockin' out while he works on it.
I decided to make my own bread crumbs this week. Why buy them when you can make them, right? I toasted some of my homemade bread, put it in my food processor and there ya have it-bread crumbs.
And no week can be complete without cookies and a science experiment. He made the cookies all by himself while checking on his science experiment. He was checking to see how long it would take for salt water and fresh water to freeze. With this weather I think it was about 5 seconds.
Is it spring yet?




  1. Nice post. I enjoy reading your blog. We have also froze our pipes several times this year. We have a foam insulation place coming this week to see if we can solve the problem. :) I am interested in how you make your wash cloths? I am too cheap to buy them very often! Thanks!

    1. Jen,
      Thanks for reading my blog! I bought 100% cotton yarn, knitting needles and watched YouTube videos on how to make washcloths. YouTube is awesome for teaching you how to do things. I hope we have seen the last of frozen pipes this year. I am ready for spring!