My Top 10 Favorite Blogs

I decided I wanted to share my favorite blogs with you all today. You will be able to tell shortly after glancing at my list that I have issues. My dear friends, we have known this for awhile now, haven't we? Let's just say that I like a variety of things.

So here are the top 10 blogs or websites that I visit almost daily.

1. The Small Things Blog

Kate is so funny and down to earth. She always makes me laugh in her YouTube videos and also gives me great information on how to use makeup and style my hair. As a former cosmetologist, I love this blog!

2. Stacy Makes Cents

I have followed Stacy at Stacy Makes Cents for as long as I have been following blogs. Her, and her husband, are debt free and try to give advice to others to help them escape the slavery of debt. I watch her almost daily on Periscope and boy does she cracks me up. I have learned how to make better bread and where to get a great looking wallet that's pretty and can keep my cash categories separate.

3. The Elliott Homestead

Shaye Elliott at The Elliott Homestead pretty much lives my dream life. If I had a genie who would grant me a wish, I would chose to live exactly as Shaye does. My husband likes to tease me and say that I don't have the first idea of what it's like to really have a farm and farm animals, but I'd sure like to give it a try! Shaye is down to earth and funny, yet serious and shares her faith regularly. She is also my up-line for my essential oil business!

4. The Unplugged Family

This is by far my favorite homeschooling blog and it has been for years. In fact, she is probably the only homeschooling blog that I visit almost daily. I love her method of teaching and she has really shown me how implement the Charlotte Mason method into our school day. She makes a choice to live against what society says you should do by not having television and choosing to celebrate biblical feasts instead of the commercialism of Christmas and other holidays.

5. The Crush With Lee and Tiffany

Lee and Tiffany are my favorite hunting couple. Glen and I love to watch their show and we buy the seasons as they come out since we don't have a satellite or cable hookup to watch them. They are very passionate about deer hunting. I am pretty sure my husband and Lee could be BFF with how obsessive they both are with deer hunting and food plots. I like Tiffany because she is passionate about hunting but is still very feminine, while being surrounded by a bunch of men.

6. Money Saving Mom

Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom is so motivating she exhaust me sometimes! She is very encouraging to those who want to start a business online and has a ton of good advice for how to keep your priorities straight and accomplish things during the day. I am going through her Make Over Your Mornings Challenge right now and I just pre-ordered her Money Making Mom book on Amazon.

7. The Prairie Homestead

Jill's blog was the very first homesteading blog I ever followed. I learned a ton from her and she sparked my desire to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. She has so many homemade recipes on her blog and is such a valuable resource for those who wish to learn about homesteading.

8. Molly Green

Molly Green is a great resource for those who desire the homesteading/homeschooling lifestyle. They also cover home keeping and home industry. Their magazine is pretty darn cool and you can even find articles from me in there! :) Their whole magazine and website pretty much sums up my whole lifestyle. I am a stay at home mom who wants to keep house well, homestead, homeschool, and earn some money while doing all this!

9. Whistle Pig Hollow

Something about Ashley's writing and her laid-back approach to life is appealing. I have reached out to her on several occasions for advice and she is always willing to help. She is so good about telling you when something she has tried is failing or has failed. But then she puts her big girl panties on and tries it again a different way until she succeeds. She is very motivating to me.

10. Homestead Blogger's Network

The Homestead Blogger's Network has been the most valuable thing for my blog. They are the most helpful, friendly, non-catty group out there. There are no quarrels or trying to one-up each other. There entire site is based on trying to help homestead bloggers get their blog posts and information out there to the public. They have been the ones that have helped me get my website up and showed me how to pin my posts on Pinterest, taught me about how to put social media icons on my website and much, much more. They have so many blogs they help promote that I can't even begin tell you all my favorite peeps on here so I will just direct you to their site and tell you that a lot of those blogs they promote are my online friends and you should follow them!

Well, there you go. I told you I was a mixed-up woman. I think I can sum it up by saying I am a woman who likes to be self-sufficient, frugal, homeschool, and hunt..... all while looking good! ;)

Hope your day is filled with what matters most to you and you keep striving to improve yourself on this journey.


Disclosure: In order for me to help support my family with my blogging, I may receive monetary compensation or other forms of compensation from product reviews, links, endorsements, testimonials, or recommendations. I appreciate your love and support as I try and earn some extra income so I can stay home and homeschool my son. Much love to you, ~Jenn


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