Whew, What a Crazy Couple of Weeks

It's Monday morning and I am officially trying to get my routine back in progress. I have started a load of laundry, threw some makeup on, and I am working on this blog post. We have had a great fall break, but today it's back to reality. Glen had to go back to work this morning after having two weeks off so the four a.m. wake up call is back!
Our family arrived the Thursday before last and left this past Friday morning. It was a great time filled with opening day of rifle season here in Kentucky with a couple bucks taken, a trip to the zoo, and more food than any person should eat in their lifetime.
We started by celebrating Evan's birthday with the family. He loves having his family around and they spoil him rotten.

Saturday morning, November 8th, was opening day of rifle season and crossbow season. Glen, Evan, my nephew Tyler, and I all headed out that morning. Evan and Glen with Evan's crossbow, me with my compound bow, and Ty with his rifle.

Nothing warms this mama's heart more than seeing our boy fall in love with Glen and I's hobby. 

I was sitting in my stand not seeing anything, and Glen had just texted me that they were not seeing anything either, when I swore I heard a crossbow go off. I waited with my phone in my hand, and sure enough Glen texted and said that Evan had shot a buck. I was so excited I got right out of my stand and headed to where they were hunting. I'm not trying to brag about son (okay, I am) but he smoked that deer. I don't think it even ran 40 yards. Glen said he was as cool as a cucumber when he made the shot.  
While we were getting pictures of Evan's deer we hear Tyler shoot. I won't say how many times we heard Tyler shoot...but we finally got a text from him that said he had shot a nice buck and it was down in front of him.
 We got Evan's buck up to the house and then Glen went and fetched up Ty and his buck. This is why my husband works all year long on food plots, scouting, and hanging stands. This moment, the one below, makes our whole deer season. We wouldn't even care if we didn't get a deer ourselves.
 Well, of course, you know the Dana's by now, and we went right into processing mode. We cut up Evan and Tyler's deer and we were done by Sunday afternoon. The saying "Many hands make light work" is so true.

 I knew Evan wanted to do something fun for his birthday with Ty and his Aunt Tanya while they were here so I was checking the weather and saw it was going to be 68 degrees that Monday. I asked Evan if he wanted to go to the zoo and he said he did and was very excited about it. The Nashville Zoo is a great zoo. I would say it is the cleanest zoo that I have ever been to, although, I have not been to many other zoos. This meerkat was a hoot. He stood like this for about 15 minutes like he was posing for us.

Zoo selfie

Lazy kangaroo

Ty and Evan petting the goat. The goats were quite a treat. Especially when one decided to steal a guy's handmade sketch out of his hand and run all over the place with it while the worker was trying to get it away from him. Just a little extra entertainment for us. 

Evan had some visitors land on him. His facial expressions are priceless. 

Then one bit his ear and he wasn't so cool with that. 

The boys went and cut wood while the family was down.

We shut our TV off back around June and we have no antenna to watch the local channels (we haven't missed it either). Pa was bored and discovered bowling on the wii. He actually beat everyone at it once he got the hang of it. 
 I went out a couple of times bow hunting while the family was here. I have yet to fill my buck tag. It looks like it may be a long season for me this year. I could take my rifle out and get one, but I have not shot a buck with my bow since moving from MI. I am determined to kill one with my bow this year.
So, that's the last couple weeks for you. It's snowing here this morning and I think we are putting up the Christmas tree today. I need to get some cleaning done around here and school done today. I am sure Evan will be super excited about getting back to school....

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