Bow Hunting, Church, and Other Stuff

This weekend was a good weekend. We managed to get out in our tree stands and enjoy the weather for a bit this weekend. I love this time of the year. Fall has a certain smell to it. Do you smell it too? I am looking forward to the winter slowdown and getting back to knitting and crafting with my boy.

I am keeping on track with my 5K training. I start week six today. I am still trying to take care of my feet and saving for some new tennis shoes. My eating wasn't on track this weekend. Being busy and hunting season are enemies to making good choices. I need to plan better and get some more quick options in the pantry and refrigerator.

Crossbow season has opened so Glen has been taking Evan out and they are enjoying hunting together. Evan asked me last night how long before his dad retires and can stay home all the time? He sure does love his daddy a whole bunch. We made venison jerky this week with the last doe we harvested and it was delicious. It was so delicious it makes me want to turn our whole next deer into jerky!

Friday I was able to go to our local consignment store and buy some new-to-me clothes that fit. I have been avoiding buying anything because I am still working on my weight loss (more like talking about working on it versus actually doing it...). I was excited to find some really cute pieces. I have been a thrifty clothes shopper my whole life. Even as a teenager I was make my money stretch as far as I could for clothing. Ain't no shame in wearing second hand with this girl.

Sunday was church in the morning and church in the evening. I love Sunday. It's my favorite day of the week. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom so not only do I get to go and worship God but I get me some social time too! This is our last week in Bible study with the book of James and then we are moving on to the gospel of Luke. I am pretty excited about doing an inductive study on a gospel since I have not done one yet.

Weekend pictures:

We went to Pizza Hut Friday and used one of Evan's Book It coupons. My boy loves to read!

Hunting selfie.

I sat at what we call the 'river stand' Friday night and a nice buck came out on the other side of the field. I decided to sit on the other side of the field Saturday night hoping he would repeat himself but wouldn't you know he came out and went over to the river stand where I was the night before. That's just the way hunting is. 

A picture from the opposite side on Saturday night. 
Check out this fawn! It has white feet. That's pretty darn cool.


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