A Review of Times Tales from the Trigger Memory Co.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
Recently, I had the chance to review the digital version of Times Tales by The Trigger Memory Co. The digital download comes with everything you need to complete the lessons including printable PDF files. Trigger Memory Co. also gives you the option on their website to purchase a physical copy of the product at a slightly higher price if you would rather have a physical copy of the program. Time Tales is a program designed to help children memorize their upper times tables in a very short amount of time. The program tells the child a story and links numbers with the characters in the story.

I was anxious to see if this program would work with my son since we have had a hard time memorizing the upper times tables in the past. He was able to sit and watch the story and follow along with it well. Although, at almost twelve, I think it seemed a bit silly to him at times. He was able to explain the story and how the numbered characters worked together back to me, but when it came to the part where there was a time limit on his answers after the story, he did not do well. He has never been a child that can have a timer on him to perform. It causes him anxiety and it has since he was little. I made him go through with it anyway, but overall this program did not work for us. They want to you wait a week between the two programs and the second time around was no different than the first for him.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

I think it's a really great program, and I believe it would work wonderful for a child that does not have anxiety when it comes to being timed for things. I am hoping that he will grow out of this someday, and I thought maybe he had, but that is not the case.

The PDF files came with printable flashcards and I plan to continue to use them to help him memorize his times tables better over the summer. I felt like he was able to take his multiplication test, that was provided in the PDF files, quicker than I have seen him do them before, so I think the story still sank in but it was the timed quiz after the story that didn't work for him.

I would not hesitate to try this program if your child is younger than almost twelve and just starting to memorize their times tables. If they don't have anxiety over being timed for their answers, it could be a great resource for you. It's one of those things where you have to know what would work with your child and what wouldn't. The actual product is not to blame for my son not liking it. Like I stated earlier, I think it could be an awesome resource for another child and to me, it makes perfect since how it would work to help with time tables memorization.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

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