An Affordable Kitchen Makeover

Sometimes I just can't take it anymore and then I snap. Below is a picture of everything taken out of my pantry. I have mentioned before that I have clutter phobia, love to organize, and can be a bit of a neat freak. Yes, I am a type A, and yes, I am trying to relax as I get older...BUT this was driving me cray cray.  

And before we get into the judging me part on my food choices in my pantry while I claim to be a homesteader, please read this. Plus, if you have followed my blog or Facebook page for any amount of time you know that I deal with a 45-year-old husband and an 11-year-old son who usually unite against me on my desire to become completely Amish. ;)
This whole thing basically started with Pinterest (curse you Pinterest!) and this crock that I found for $7 at Walmart. I had been skimming Pinterest under the search of "Farmhouse Kitchen" and noticed that a lot of the kitchen pictures for farmhouses had large crocks for their cooking utensils. When I found this one, I knew it was meant to be, plus it matched my personality and home. The fact that it was on clearance and other's obviously thought it ugly is no concern to me...

Things kind of spiraled out of control from there when I decided that I could put all my mason jars to good use on my open shelves. I love the open shelve look and now that our canned goods are whittling down a bit, I have the room to move some of the crowded pantry items to it.
And then I discovered chalkboard tape.... It was all over after that, and I began a mad organizing campaign and labeling escapade.
And THEN I decided I must have my flours and sugar on display like the pictures on Pinterest. The whole thing only cost about $45 dollars between the jars, chalkboard tape, chalkboard pen, and containers and that is a good thing!
After that, I looked around my kitchen and took some pictures for you all to see my décor. I think I am finally at a place where I feel like the kitchen fits my personality and what I want our home to represent.


Thanks for reading this blog and following along with me on this journey called life. I appreciate each and everyone of you who do!



  1. I've been thinking that a good pantry cleaning is in order at my house, too. Thanks for the inspiration! I love your organization and the practicality mixed with a feeling of welcome.

  2. You have inspired me! Love your kitchen.

  3. You kitchen looks awesome! I have been thinking about giving our kitchen a makeover. Maybe this summer I will take the leap!