Spring On The Farm

Can I just say that I think I need a vacation this year already?

I wanted to write and update everyone on our crazy busy schedule right now. As I sit here typing this, it's pouring rain. It's supposed to rain all week. I can't help but think that God gives us rain on a homestead so that we can sit back and relax once in awhile. We cannot ever control Mother Nature and we should embrace what she gives us, even if it means you can't get all your plants in the ground when you want to.

The first exciting news I want to share with you is that we are starting up a business! It's going to be called 'Little House on the 100 Farm.' I have been busy getting all the legal stuff done and ordering business cards, seeds, and planting tomato seeds (affiliate link), and more seeds, and more seeds....

We are going to build a roadside stand to sell our garden produce and I will be participating in our local farmers market. I have also signed up to take a microprocessing class which will allow me, once I pass the test and I'm certified, to sell some of my canned produce and baked goods. We will be planting a good amount of sweet corn and pumpkins (affiliate link) with the hope of providing our local community and surrounding areas with using organic seed and having non-sprayed, high-quality produce.

I'm telling you my head is spinning with the possibilities of this adventure!

Easter weekend happened on April 5th and I decided to color my hair. I love my hair light blonde. I know I should embrace my natural dark blonde with gray highlights, but what can I say...I am still a bit vain I guess. Notice the photo bomb in the background?

This is my boy at our church's yearly Easter Egg Hunt. He is always such a happy boy.

Here are my other babies. Tomato and pepper seeds started inside on March 9th. In this picture, I am in the process of hardening them to be planted outside.
A trip to the library last week brought all this home with us. I am so excited about the Laura Ingalls Wilder annotated autobiography! I am about a third of the way through. It's an interesting read and it's fun to compare what she fictionalized in her children's series and what is factual.

We may or may not have a slight addiction to books in this house.
I finally broke down and bought my favorite Christian band's latest album. Casting Crown's music ministers to me in a way no other music does. I have been listening to it nonstop. Yes, I know they make downloadable music. I can't believe that a CD is old school since I grew up on cassette tapes.
I also bought this with some extra money I made last week. I can't explain how excited I am about this purchase! I have been using the fire out of it! I bought a reusable pod because I am frugal like that ;)
 Everyone should have a front porch to read Laura Ingalls Wilder's annotated biography on. Spring, how I love thee.

Here is a glimpse of the area we will be planting some of our produce in. My husband sure does love to work the dirt around here. He is in all his glory when he is on his tractor. 

My boy won first place at a literature fair he participated in last Friday with our local homeschool group. He was so happy to win! I am so proud of him and of his love for reading. He did his book on Dolphin Tale 2: The Junior Novel. He is obsessed with Winter the dolphin. If we earn enough money from our produce stand business this summer, I am taking him to see her in Florida this winter.

We put our tomato seedlings out Saturday afternoon. This is our first year using weed mat (affiliate link). I sure hope it's worth it because it takes a lot longer to plant when you use it. 
Here are the seedlings all nestled in their new home. We planted 63 of them. I have had some die already from transplanting. I may not have hardened them long enough in direct sunlight before transplanting them. I have about 150 more tomato plants I want to add out there. Yes, I'm serious.

This is the stray cat that has been hanging around our place. I was working on an article for the Molly Green Magazine yesterday morning and I looked up and saw this. She has finally quit running off the deck immediately when we go out there, but she still won't let us get close to her at all. We call her Fluffy. I think she is a girl because our other three spayed female cats don't seem to mind her around. I am a sucker for stray animals. 
My boy also started swim lessons this week and I have a 30 hour famine with our youth kids at church this weekend. I think I can say, after almost three years in Logan County, we have finally totally immersed ourselves into life here! We love it here, and with an uncertain future, which would require a totally different post to explain that, we pray this will be our forever home.
That's about all we have been up to lately here on the Hundred Acre Wood! How about you? Planting anything yet?

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  1. I hope your new business is fun and a success!
    Isn't that funny about CDs. I still prefer them over digital, but usually end up buying digital because I don't have a working CD player anymore. I think CDs have better sound quality.
    I love dolphins too! They are my favorite animal.
    Fluffy is so pretty, looks like a Maine Coon?