The Week of Crazy Kentucky Weather

We are having quite the week here at the Little House on the Hundred Acre Wood. Apparently, Kentucky and Tennessee must have done something to tick Mother Nature off.

Monday started with the biggest snow storm that anybody under fifty has seen in this area. We then proceeded to get another couple inches of snow after that with 25-35mph winds. This caused white-out conditions and drifting. After that, we were blessed (sarcasm inserted here) with freezing cold temperatures. Our thermometer was reading -21 Thursday morning. Last night we started with snow that switched to freezing rain and finally to rain. We are presently under a flood warning right now. Thankfully, we did not lose power during any of this.


And this is coming from a northern girl!

I am convinced in a week's time we will be under tornado warnings. We might as well get it all out of our system at once.

We are all doing fine here, except that I have a severe case of cabin fever. The boys seem to be doing fine with it all. My husband has been home all week due to the weather and it has been nice to spend time together. I did get a lot of work done on my blog and I am learning to do all kinds of things. I have learned to edit pictures, add Pin It buttons, and watermark my photos.

I also learned this week that animals born in the south are not quite sure what to do with this white stuff. We have a had a week of our Yorkie going to bathroom on the deck because she refuses to go down the steps to the snow covered yard. We even shoveled a spot for her and she still wouldn't use it. Our black cat, Shadow, has been sitting outside howling because she just doesn't know where she is supposed to go to the bathroom. Who knew?

I picked a bad week to quit social media. If I had known that I would be snowed in with no human interaction, besides my boys, I would have rethought that decision. I won't lie, I have been on Facebook to check my notifications and some news pages. Social media has made it almost impossible to know what's going on if you don't have an account. Everything from Evan's piano practice to Upwards basketball has their cancellations on Facebook pages. It's just easier to reach everyone at the same time that way.

The public school kids have been out of school for the entire week. Evan has not been so lucky. He did school everyday, but he still managed to have plenty of time to play in the snow. As I type this, he is outside with his dad, and they are trying to get a river flowing through the yard so it doesn't back up and flood by our house.
Here he is working on long division.
Glen took Evan sledding behind the four-wheeler. We didn't have a sled so we used a storage tote.

The boys checking things out. I love them - that's all. 
Glen working on his ditch system. See that water in the background? It's flowing like a river and goes right over our driveway further down on our property.
Edger Creek
Our home.
Well, that's about it at the Dana's this week. Hope you all are staying warm and safe in this crazy weather!


  1. Jenn!! Your blog is looking awesome!! You've done quite a bit around here this week!

    We definitely have cabin fever here, too. We've gotten out a few times, but pretty much everything we were scheduled to do was cancelled anyway:( I wish we could have lots of snow AND clear roads..ha!