Opening Day of Crossbow Season

Yesterday was a pretty much perfect day in my eyes.

It began with getting up around 5:00 a.m. with the boys heading out to their deer blind for opening day of crossbow season. Evan is 10 and he was so excited to hunt with his dad. He was a chatterbox in the morning and I could tell he was pumped up to be taking his crossbow out to try and kill a deer.

Unfortunately they did not see anything yesterday morning but cats. Sigh. They were in their tree stand when glen texted me and asked if I could please call the cats. I called them and they came running. I gave them some canned food to eat (which is their favorite) and I thought all was good. About 30 minutes later I get another text asking if I could please call Smokie back to the house. Apparently she was at the bottom of the stand meowing at them. Needless to say, the cats were locked up after that.

Tuesday night glen shot a doe and we went right to processing that. We are going to try our hand at making some deer jerky in our dehydrator. I ran to Wal-Mart to get some seasoning for it while glen started cutting up meat. We finished it together with Evan doing the grinding. I love it when we are all working together.


Jerky meat marinating

The boys headed back out for an evening hunt while I proceeded to cook them quite the spread last night. I made fresh venison tenderloin, baked potatoes, and corn we put up ourselves earlier this year. I also made homemade biscuits and a yummy dessert called maple fingers.

Link to biscuit recipe:

Evan saw a button buck and spike last night. He says he is holding out for something bigger. I just love this kid.

This is a conversation we had yesterday heading into Wal-Mart:

Me- "Evan you can't bring your stuffed animals in the store. I think you're getting a little too old to be doing that."

Evan- "You have to enjoy life while you can before they make you start wearing skinny jeans and the latest sunglasses."

He cracks me up!

I was a fun day together as a family. It's my favorite month of the year and even though the weather was a bit hot yesterday we are supposed to have a cold front moving in. I love fall!


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