A Visit From My Mom, A Circus, 5K, and A Fall Festival

Is it just me or does life seem crazy-busy right now? We have had a whirlwind of activity since last Thursday. 
Thursday afternoon I took Evan to get his hair cut by this lovely lady! He has decided that having his dead shaved is not his style anymore. It's just another sign of him growing up and I'm not too happy about it!

Thursday evening was dinner with my husband's coworkers. It was an award dinner honoring their number of years in the company. That piece of cake right there....uh, it was heavenly. I ate about a third and brought the rest home for Evan and I to share the next day.

Friday was hair day for Peaches. She looks so different when she gets groomed. I also went to the local Kentucky Artisan and Saddle Factory to be trained to do volunteer work every Thursday morning there. I am on a mission to get the community in that shop to buy our local artist's handmade treasures!

This was the most exciting part of the day Friday! We were waiting for grandma to get here from Michigan to spend the weekend with us. I think he called her about 56 times that day to see where she was.

My mom pulled in about 4:40 Friday afternoon. We had dinner and we were off to the circus. The circus was fun! I have not been since I was a little girl and it was Evan's first time at one. I was freezing so I stole Evan's monkey hat to help keep me warm. We are also munching on very salty popcorn.

This was the highlight of the show for us. The kids were given coloring sheets to get into the circus for free and if you colored your sheet, and they choose it, you received a free elephant ride. Guess whose name was picked? He worked on the coloring sheet for about three days so I guess he deserved it. 
I don't think he was too sure about being on top of an elephant. He had a pretty nervous look on his face when they were helping him get on it. As soon as he got down he said "That was so cool!" Little things like this make a child's day.

This was one of those crazy stunts where I was pretty sure my 9 year old was going to see someone die.  It was a metal cage that at one point had three men on motorcycles in there at the same time driving at a pretty fast speed. I wonder how many times they had to crash before they got this right?

Trapeze people

  Saturday we woke up and I made breakfast for us. We sat around and visited for awhile and then we carved pumpkins. Evan has never carved a pumpkin before so this was a first for him. Evan and mom did a good job! After pumpkin carving we took my mom to a local restaurant in town that we love called Slappy'z. Glen left work and met us there for lunch. When we finished, we took mom to the square in Russellville and the Saddle Factory Museum to see some of the town history. 

That evening my mom and I ran a 5K together, along with a couple of my friends from church. This is Sarah and this was her first 5K. She did awesome!

Taking a selfie after the run.

 My mom and me after the run.
When mom and I pulled in our driveway that evening, we were greeted by these lovely things all lit up. My husband helped my son light them so Evan could see what they look like with a candle in them.

Sunday morning was church and then the Fall Festival that evening. I went as a hippie, which fits my personality. I like to tell people I am a hippie evangelist. Come one, come all to Jesus, no matter your race, class, background, or baggage. (I know this from my own experience:))

Here we are getting set up for the big night.

This is a picture of the kids trunk or treating.
This costume is awesome and won the best costume in the kid's category.

Handing out treats to the kids!

This was my buddy for the night. I had no idea Tyler was going to dress up like this! He also won best costume in the adult category. We had a groovy time. 
This is our pastor. He's pretty cool for a pastor... I guess he is dressed as a hipster, which I have no idea what that is because I am too old!
Uh oh, we are busted eating our own candy!
We had a great weekend. The Fall Festival at church was a huge success and I can't wait until next year. I enjoyed spending the weekend with my mom and we had a lot of fun. She recently has lost a lot of weight and seeing her makes me motivated to get moving again. I am my mother's daughter so I should be able to accomplish this!

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