4-H, Hunting, Pastor Appreciation Dinner

What a busy weekend we had! It seems like we just have one thing planned after another lately. It's all good because cold weather will be here soon and we can settle in our cozy house and rest then. Thursday, after my mother meltdown moment, I took this picture before the science show that we attended with our homeschool group. It was more entertainment than science, but we still had fun. 

Friday, we joined our homeschool group again for a 4H club meeting. We have never participated in 4H before. From what I observed on Friday, this is going to be a great opportunity for our homeschool group. Evan gave a speech to try and get elected as secretary of the club. He did such a good job and I was so proud of him for getting up in front of everyone. He did not get elected but he is already working on next years campaign. :) 

Afterward, we headed to Chick-fil-A. We don't have a Starbucks or a Chick-fil-A in our town so we take advantage when we are in the bigger towns.
This is a picture of Peaches stalking me while I am in the tub. I love this stinkin' dog. She brings me joy even though she is also a pain sometimes. I am definitely a dog person.

Friday we all headed out to the woods to see if we could get some more meat in the freezer. This was Evan's last weekend to hunt. Unfortunately, he did not get anything. His crossbow season starts again on November 8th and Glen will be hitting it hard with him to try to get him his first buck.

My view on Friday night. It's so beautiful this time of the year.
This was my view on Saturday night. I was sitting opposite of my Friday night stand. 

This little guy came in to me. I am looking for something a bit bigger this year. :)

Saturday night I had company at my tree stand. It's not a very good pic because I had to zoom the phone camera all the way. You can see two coyotes on the log in the picture. I wanted to shoot them but I don't want to mess up our woods for when the rut comes. 

The week before this last one was very gloomy and rainy. We were in a drought before we received all this rain. It did start to get me blue after so many days of clouds and rain, but our food plots exploded because of it! 
Does it get much cuter than this?

I cleaned house on Saturday morning and I couldn't help but snap another picture of our hard work this year putting up fresh vegetables and fruits. I am pretty proud of it. I am excited for next years garden! I don't want to deceive anyone by leading them to think I have this food preservation/homesteading all figured out. I love to can and hunt. I love DIY projects. I also dream of chickens and learning even more skills that have been lost in today's society. But...I also take my child to McDonald's, I eat refrigerator biscuits occasionally, Cheez-Its, and other stuff that some homesteaders/crunchy mamas would think are toxic. I am not an elitist who needs to be part of a club. I am just a country girl that loves gardening, hunting, and baking my own bread who working toward things. I also love make-up, coloring my hair, toxic perfume and lotions, and regular Gain laundry detergent. Most importantly, above all else, I love my Lord and Savior! Whew, just had to get that off my chest I guess. ;)
Glen took this picture when he and Evan were heading back to the house from hunting on Saturday morning. It's just a little reminder from God on what an awesome creator He is!

The weekend ended with a surprise dinner for our Pastor and his family. We managed to pull it off last minute and put together a great dinner. We realized on Friday that it was pastor appreciation month and my friends Sarah, Nicole, and I went into speed mode trying to get it all put together. It was a success and I hope our Pastor and his family truly know how blessed we are to have them in our lives and to be leading our congregation. 
Today we are off to another field trip to a pumpkin patch and animal petting farm. I will post pictures from that tomorrow.