A Feeling of Contentment

For those of you who have followed my blog since I started it at the end of last year, you know what a rough year 2013 was for our family.

This year is different. This year, as I haul in produce from our garden, I feel such a peace. I feel content. I feel so thankful and undeserving to be living this life.

When we thought my husband may lose his job last year it was a huge wake-up call for us. All the dreams we had were put on hold for awhile until we could figure out what was going to happen with his employment. At the present time, his employment seems secure, thankfully!

We are still trying to find that balance between paying off debt and having a life. We are not where we need to be yet, and I am looking forward to the day that I can say "We are debt free!"

I have been trying to do things around here to help cut down on our expenses. I have been canning a lot of produce and will continue to do that into the fall. Once deer season starts, we will have a freezer full of meat again. We've been buying burger from the grocery store and honestly it's not our favorite. We are choosing to cook at home from our own supply of food instead of eating out to cut down on groceries. I am going to try to can dried beans soon to help get us through the winter.

We will be starting our homeschool year on September 2nd.  Evan and I are pretty excited about that (at least I'm excited ;)). I still have a few school supplies I need to pick up for the year. It seems like overnight I have turned into a veteran homeschooling mama who now gets asked all the questions about how to homeschool. How did that happen? My baby will be ten this October-not cool.

In my Bible study at church we've been studying 1 John and I am enjoying it so much! It is very convicting and makes you really deal with the issue of hating a brother or sister in Christ. I highly recommend studying it. I use the Precept Ministries New Inductive Study Series books to help me with my studies. http://store.precept.org/By-Series/new-inductive-study-series-big-picture-studies/Gods-Love-Alive-In-You-1-2-3-John-James-Philemon.html

I leave you with Lucy who manages to sleep in positions I did not know were possible.


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