Welcome to the Blog

Let me take a minute and introduce you to my family. I would love tell you a little bit about our story.

In the fall of 2011, after moving to Kentucky from Michigan, my husband and I started dreaming about having a farm with excellent deer hunting and a place to raise animals for food and enjoyment.

After much praying, and many hours of discussion, we decided that we needed to take the leap and do it.
We found the perfect piece of property that consisted of 100 acres and we built our own house in a tractor shed that existed on the property. You can read about that here.  My husband worked so hard to build this house for us and I love it. It's everything I have ever wanted in a home.  I am slowly making it into the home I want for my family. The 'Little House' part of the blog was born out of our love for Little House on the Prairie, and the 'on the 100 Farm' part is for the 100 acres we live on.

This is my husband. He is working on the cabinet that he built for the house. He's a dreamer, hard worker, awesome dad, and chaser of big bucks. He loves the outdoors, planting food plots, and can build anything I ask him to... and I ask often. He can also tear apart and put back together almost anything he touches.

This is our boy, Evan. Don't you just love him with his camo and all? He is a funny, caring boy and is such a joy to us. He was a miracle that should not have happened according to doctors.

This is me. I am a born again, Jesus loving, organizing freak, who hates clutter. I love people... all kinds of people. I can have a conversation with anyone and know their life story in about five minutes. I am extroverted, passionate, and loyal to a fault. We are a homeschool family who has always homeschooled. I spend my days on the farm doing domestic duties and learning all kinds of new things like how to make kombucha, composting, growing produce for our local farmers' market, and baking from scratch... all while trying to convince my husband to buy me a milk cow. I love to hunt with my boys, and I dream of having a homestead with all kinds of animals someday.

My husband and I have always loved to encourage others and share our joys and mistakes in the hope to help others avoid them if they can. I hope you enjoy my family while you come along for this ride called life with us. I mostly started this blog as outlet to share my dreams and passions with like-minded people who want to hear about my crazy love of all things old fashioned and farm/hunting related.

Charlie and Peaches - the big farms dogs. ;)


Thanks for joining me on this journey toward a more simple, self-sufficient, back to our roots kind of life.




  1. I love your home! It would be the perfect size for us three too! I also, am a lover of Jesus! So nice to meet ya! Blessings from Bama!